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Call: 1 (800) 555 5555

Call: 1 (800) 555 5555

Dealer Info

Countryside Craft Mall & Antiques

            Countryside Craft and Antique Mall 
 40700 Van Dyke  At 18 Mile  Sterling Heights, Mi 48313  586-977-1633   1-800-716-1235
Store hours: Monday thru Thursday 10:00 to 7:00    Friday- Saturday 10:00 to 8:00    Sunday 11:00 to 6:00

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Sidewalk Sale
August 22nd - August 25th
Please remember once discount is submitted no changes will be made. 
.Annual Sidewalk Sale August 22, 23, 24 & 25
We are accepting Sidewalk Sale items beginning August 19th thru August 22nd
All Sidewalk Sale items must be marked down at least 50% off the original price,
we suggest using the pink mark down tags.
Remember, customers will be looking for bargains!
Please price items so that they will sell. The object is to use the sidewalk sale to move your old merchandise out, so you can bring fresh products in! All dealers are encouraged to participate!
We will be taking table reservations starting August 1st, 586-977-1633 
Here’s how it works:
We suggest using the pink mark down tags over your original tags marked
(AT LEAST 50%OFF OR MORE). It is also ok to run a discount in your booth, and we will make every attempt to not allow any additional discounts on your marked down items. All reduced priced items should be brought into the store in closed boxes beginning August 19th thru Aug. 22nd. For the most efficient setup and cleanup, we suggest that you bring in all of your boxes at the same time. This way all of your merchandise will remain together and help you once you pick up any remaining merchandise on Sunday.
Countryside Mall Staff and volunteers will display your merchandise. We will be setting up on Wednesday starting at 4:00, if you would like to come in and set up your own product. Overnight security will be provided. 
Merchandise Pick-Up after the Sale
Any remaining merchandise must be picked up after the sale on 
Sunday, August 25th, no earlier than 5:00 pm, all product must be removed by 6:00pm  
Everyone at Countryside Mall thanks you for your participation!
We have no control over the weather conditions, if you would like your product
covered at night please provide plastic to cover your table.

We will be starting the sale on the 19th inside the store!